Graduation Preview

Mountain View graduation will be happening at Rio Tinto Stadium, 9256 S State St, Sandy, Ut 84070, at 5 pm on May 25. It’s that time of the year again, teachers busy grading all the late assignments being turned in on the last day of school, seniors excited to get out of high school and start their adult life.

This year’s graduation ceremony, yes, ceremony, no more driveway graduations due to covid, will be held at Rio Tinto Stadium, NO FACE COVERING REQUIRED, Parents will be allowed to attend and sit down in the stances, Latinos in Action is having a section were there will be a translator for people who don’t understand english but still want to enjoy and celebrate graduation with their loved ones, the ceremony will be happening on May 25, at Rio Tinto Stadium (9256 S State St, Sandy, Ut 84070) at 5 pm. don’t be late. As per tradition this week is senior week. Everyday they are organizing different activities so that seniors can have some fun before graduation. Senior sunrise will happen on May 22 in the Bruin Bowl. Come and watch the sunrise with your friends one last time before graduating.

This year has been full of ups and downs, with our seniors trying to graduate through a pandemic. The 2021 class will be the first class to graduate having lived in a pandemic, we are truly making history. Finally going back to no mask makes it feel like little by little things are coming back to normal. We wish good luck to all the graduating seniors as they start their adult life.