Pros and cons on Last Year’s Schedule

Last year was an abnormal schedule for all of us attending in-person classes, with a very short school schedule that was loved by many students due to its short class periods. But was it for the better? With this school year being a bit more “normal” with a very similar schedule from the 2018-2019 school year. This year being Wednesdays are our early out days and having school 5 days a week. This allows for teachers to have more in class time for their students but for students to leave later in the day.

Kale Guymon, a senior for this year, voiced his own opinion “Last year’s schedule made me more productive and gave me more time to do my work from home. I really liked the previous schedule”. The shorter schedule allowed for students to have more time from home to work and have a more flexible schedule for home or work for example. This would also allow teachers to have more time to work after school would finish. A shorter schedule would allow for students to also be more productive.

Some cons to the shortened schedule would cause a few problems, such as the teacher not having enough time to plan out their lesson for the day, and causing them to miss a few things. Planning for in school activities would be more difficult due to the less time being given, such as an assembly for example. Students unexcused absence rates would increase as well because they would not see the need to show up for class because of how short it was.

In short, if we ever need to move to a hybrid schedule this year, there is nothing wrong with it. Because in the end everything would work fine despite our efforts for this school year.