Respecting the Words of Students


The Words of Students inside High Schools everywhere have a history behind them. The Students of High Schools say a lot about different subjects and their own lives or hardships. Students overhear a lot of other students’ conversations and judge the person on those words.

The definition of Judging is to form an opinion or conclusion about someone or something. That opinion about someone can really affect a person. You can judge a person based on words and you shut yourself off from that person. I know it can happen because I have seen it around in High School. Faces are a good way to see judging in action.

Judging happens, that is what we do as Humans on Earth. We judge each other based on religion, race, language, words, opinion, appearance, and much more. Words are the one that I am focusing on right now.

Humans speak at least 7,000 words per day, which is amazing! This includes Students in High School. High School Students say many words in class and outside of class. Those words could vary from Swear words to deciding what to eat from the vending machine. The words somebody says can give off positive or negative vibes. These vibes can be good or bad so you feel like this person is horrible and not a good person but that is because you most likely dislike them because they are not like you or don’t use the same words you do.

A lot of students feel the same way I do. Here is a MV Junior’s opinion about this topic. He states “I think a lot about a lot of things that students say in the halls. I even think about the words I say. I think that judging words that students say is not okay because I have been judged about what I say a bunch of times and I think students should mind their own business.”
I think what this student is saying is good because he thinks that students should mind their own business and stop being rude to others because students passing by might think you’re either a very rude and angry person or a weird stranger. This might lead to many types of bullying which might lead to worse things all because of something you say.

Another MV Junior has a few words to say about this opinion.
He states “I have judged others based on what they say and I think it bad of me to do that. I think I was being a bully because I would talk behind a student’s back based on what they said. I really think students should show their own opinions and they shouldn’t change who they are as a person.”
This MV Junior has been through many things such as being on the side of the bullier. The MV Junior thinks this type of bullying still exists and it might even be worse now. This Student has a great opinion on this type of bullying and this is good information.

The 3rd and last student I interviewed was a MV Sophomore. She thought hard and long about this topic. Then she gave a good answer and she stated “I think this problem still exists and is a serious problem for some. I do swear in my house and even inside the school. Making friends and getting to know classmates is all based on what words you use and if students judge others for trying to make or keep friends they suck”.
To be honest I thought that was well said and she had a cool opinion. I think she really thinks strongly about this and I think she is right because Students sometimes don’t respect others. She had a strong opinion about making and keeping friends and how others judge for that.

The impact of judging the words of students can be big. The Impacts can be from bullying to losing friendships. This happens to many students and it even happens outside of school. Judging others is bad because it can hurt many students and even yourself. We were taught to respect others and what they do
Judging happens very often and judging of the words spoken by others is happening and it might even be happening to you right now.
So just think twice before judging someone based on their words and High School is a place where you can just be yourself.