Pleasing is a company credited by the singer and actor Harry Styles. Harry barely came out with the company of nail polish and skin care and Crew necks. The nail polishes sold out a few mintents after they released it, and the same with the Crew necks. People say it’s way too much charge for the nail polish that is $65 plus shipping but people are still buying it because it’s Harry Style company. I ordered a pack of nail polish to try it out myself. The packet arrived 4 weeks after ordering it on presell. Seeing the small package, I think they should put a more secure package to it because there wasn’t even bubble wrap in the box. Opening the inside and seeing the nail polish was exciting. The nail polish looked beautiful. On top of the nail polishes there are balls of marble, there were 4 nail polishes in the box, and the color bright pink is called Grannies Pink pearl, and the dark black called inky pearl, and the white is called Perfect Pearl and the last one; the clear one, is called Perfect Top. It claims that if you put a perfect top each one turns into a lighter color or so with the Inky Pearl it turns into a dark blue, with the Grannies Pink pearl it turns into a soft pink, and with the Perfect Pearl you can top over the other nail polishes for a personalized effect. When taking it out of the package it comes with stickers. The substance of the nail polish was kinda liquid, like normal nail polish and putting it on the nail polish was easy. The pigment of it was amazing, you only needed one or two layers to complete the nail. It dried fast and it stayed on the nail for a long time without chipping it. I would recommend this product to everyone, it might be in the more pricey range, but it’s worth it if you want to have nail polishes that last longer.