Born or raised?

Throughout life there have been many philosophical questions and thoughts that people struggle to answer. Many probably don’t have specific answers, but that’s where individual thoughts and ideas come into it.
The question I want to focus on is: are people the way they are because they were simply born that way, or because they were raised that way?

I fall more towards the dualist side, the side that believes we are the way we are because we’re raised that way. We learn from our family, friends, and environment. I’m not saying that the way we’re born has no effect on how we shape ourselves. I just believe that direct involvement is how we decide what we like and don’t like. For example, having to go up and public speak might make someone feel anxious, it’s part of the reason being shy is part of their personality. We all gain habits by watching others.
For example, I have OCD tendencies. At night I’ll check to make sure the oven/stove is off and all the doors are locked, and my dad does some of the same things. That was definitely gained through watching his habits.
Whether we are conscious about it or not, we learn a lot through other people. Another way I’ve been taught is while I was in junior high if my grades were bad by the end of the term, then I would get grounded or something for a certain time period.
Everyone is different. I personally am the way I am because of my parents and how I was raised. I’m shy and socially awkward because my dad is. I fight and argue the way I do because I got that from my mom. I’m stubborn in a way that both of my parents are. Those are all big parts of who I am.
I think nature, how you were born, can be a big factor, but how you react to it is the part that you learned from your parents or guardians