Supra Review

Ah yes, the Toyota Supra. Arguably the most recognized cars on the road to the average car enthusiast. With the newest edition being the GR (Gazoo Racing) Supra. As we all know, Toyota decided to collaborate with the German automaker BMW. I recently bought a 2022 Supra and the most important question to ask? Can you daily drive a Supra?

First thing I want to address is the styling of the car. Seeing it in photos compared to the real life thing is a night and day difference. Pictures really don’t do it justice. The FT-1 concept from 2014 was a really beautiful car. Toyota heavily took inspiration from their FT-1 concept, from the front end all the way to the rear. The aggressive F1 style front nose, to the wide aggressive arching rear fenders paired with in my opinion, the best rear tail lights I’ve laid my eyes on. The 2 tone 10 spoke wheels really give it that aggressive stance and the big Brembo brakes in the front really shows you what the Supra is about.

The interior is sublime in the Supra. Very simple and ergonomic. Despite it literally coming from a BMW, it’s quite enjoyable. From the easy to use infotainment system and very minimalistic design. On the center you have your sport and traction control buttons and a very convenient wireless phone charger, which fits my Iphone perfectly. The seats are leather and fully adjustable and fit me very snug. For reference I am 5’5, so for the taller drivers out there, you may find it difficult getting in and out. The trunk is decent sized, assuming you aren’t hauling very big items like furniture from Ikea. But the Supra is a sports car, and you don’t buy cars like this for reasons like that. So for me it works just fine for everyday things like your bags, groceries and small things.

Probably the biggest question is, how does it drive in everyday situations? For starters, it rides smoothly in normal mode. It gives you softer dampening thanks to its electronically controlled dampers. You can also configure the exhaust. Normal mode gives it a quieter tone with no burbles. Once you push the ‘sport’ button, it automatically stiffens the suspension and opens the exhaust, giving it deep tones with your pops and burbles everyone either hates or loves. Driving through corners feels like a breeze. With its nearly perfect weight distribution, I always feel confident sending it through the corners. The very sticky Michelin Pilot Sport Cups really help it grip the pavement and give you the need. On the freeway it rides perfectly. With its adaptive cruise control, it nearly drives itself which is very handy on long trips. The ZF transmission is one of my favorite features of the car. It shifts similar to a dual clutch you would find on a GT-R for example. It’s very zippy and can take whatever you throw at it.

The dislikes. There aren’t really a lot of bad things about this car. But there are some things that tend to annoy me when driving. For starters, whenever you start the car, the auto start system kicks in. Whenever you stop, the engine turns off and whenever you have to go, the engine starts back up. Granted there is a button to disable this feature, but you have to press the button every time you start the car. That can get annoying sometimes. The trunk also is an issue. Whenever you want to open the trunk, you either have to press the button on your key, or get in the car and press the button manually. There is not a button in the rear to access the trunk.

In conclusion, is the Supra daily driveable? Yes… if you’re willing to sacrifice a few things. For me it’s perfect. Only because I’m young and don’t have much stuff to do. The Supra is an amazing all around car. Perfect for regular driving and some spirited driving on the back roads. The more I drive this car and enjoy it, the more I can see that the BMW collaboration was one of the best moves Toyota has made. I can truly say that this is the one of the last hoorahs for our beloved gas powered cars.