Senior Football Night

The senior night always holds a special place in the hearts of the fierce football family at Mountain View. Every year it is looked forward to by our longtime armored fighters; our peppy halftime performers; our teachers by daytime, coaches by night; and our favorite funky chickens, the bruin crazies.

At the beginning of this night an aroma of battle began. It all started with the announcement of our senior warriors. One by one they were called down with their escorts. They fashioned the look of many different neck decorations given to them. And with a grin from cheek to cheek they got a photo taken. Then continued on to give each of their teammates standing in a line a hug. At the end of the line you could almost feel the love they had for each other.

But it didn’t all stop at that because now it was time for the great tussle.

The halftime show was one that certainly our cheer team will yet to forget. The dance was choreographed by Hally Ford and Makeila Lawrence, two of the captains of the squad. The performance included tumbling, two dance sections, and an overall group stunt connected together. The seniors got to shine at the game with their personalized senior bows, and different uniforms. As always hooray to our cheerleaders for their hard work, and devotion to the Bruin Nation!

Our Bruin crazies crowd grew as the night went on, though there is room for improvement when it comes to the number of people showing up. Come on, Bruin Crazies even with the end of football season let’s finish strong supporting the rest of our athletics! Anyways the mighty in heart who did show up were a R-O-W-D-Y bunch. It did indeed “get weird in here.”

Some of the teachers that attended included Mr. Nole, who is the tumbling coach. Along with Mr. Poduska the head coach of our football team. Even hiding in the stands Mrs. Guzman could be found with her family.

Make sure to give a final cheer for the seniors