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MVHS Varisty boys soccer team

Playing under the lights is such an exciting experience for athletes, especially when you’re playing against your rival school.
On Friday, 28th 2023 the MVHS boys soccer team went against Orem HIgh.
The starting line up for the Bruins was Isaac Roberts #19, Andrew Della Rocca #7, Daniel Hair #12, Alexander Beckstead #22, Leonel Sanchez-Ramirez #14, Nicolas Santa #10, Keaton Hadley #1, Giancarlo Alcala #55, Kekoa Reyes #11, Aron Ramirez-Alcala #30 and Emilio Alcala #3
In the first half of the game Orem High had the first goal by Tyler Klein #10 scored in the 7:10 minute. Orem scored again on the 3:39 minute by Clate Bergeson #16, And to end that half, the Tigers scored one last minute goal on the 1.7 minute by Kaue Alana #13, ending that first half at 3-0.
For the second half of the game Orem scored on the 37:36 minute by Drew Thomas #7. Then on the 8:10, minute Alcala #55, scored for the Bruins! The last goal was scored by Alana from Orem HIgh, final score was 5-1.
Emilio Alcala, one of the captains on the soccer team, had a few words to say after the game. “What I could’ve done better is be more physical, and more motivated … The hardest part was definitely motivating my teammates to keep on going forward” Alcala also said “What the team could’ve done better overall is not to get relaxed and keep going with the intensity until the final whistle.” He also said, “As the Captain I just try to motivate them and get them into a mindset of winning, or like for instance today, they weren’t playing physically enough so I told them to play more physical. Not just one person, but EVERYONE, one person can want to win but another person could have a different mentality.”
Another member on the boys soccer team, Leonel Sanchez-Ramirez said, “I think I could have taken more shots especially seeing how we didn’t really test their keeper enough, even from outside of the box.” “The hardest part was keeping up with the quickness of the game for [in] a split second, and they would right over us with pressure.” Sanchez also explained “I think the team could have been supportive of each other, not only mentally but physically, truly having each other back as a team” He also said “Some of my highlights were keeping their striker in line while being in the back line, not letting them score when it came to my side of the field.”
Andrew Della Rocca mentioned that losing 5-1 felt terrible, but said “As a team being more aware [of] our surroundings were … It would have been a good thing to have tried to win the game.” As an individual player he said “I could have kept my head up and been more in the mental game.”
These players showed willingness in the game and played hard til the finish, despite the loss they kept their heads up and had a positive attitude and great energy!