MV Bruins cross country makes it to nationals

Mountain View High school, home of the Bruins, Boy’s cross country team made it all the way to Nationals in California. Our boys XV team is one of our top sports here at Mountain View. They have made a huge impact on the sport program and are one of the top XC teams in our district this year.

We got the chance to interview one of the players on the team. I asked what it was like to win the chance to go to California and how it felt. He answered that It was an amazing feeling and experience getting picked to go and winning to go. It “felt like well deserved for me and my team because they have worked hard all year long and now it’s time to go to the big game and show everyone what they are made of.” He also stated how mentally and physically hard it was for not only his team, but him as well. It is hard to be a student athlete because you are always a student before an athlete.
The XC Coach Mike Strauss said he is confident he and his team will walk into that competition with their head held high and as a team. No matter the win or loss he knows that Bruins have each other’s back. And by looking at the performances from the other track meets he is right because the Bruins only show support and love for one another, helping and making sure they get to that finish line even if they’re the last ones. Makes sense with Mountain View being voted the kindest school.

The team did amazing in California. Even if they didn’t win, they still made it far and not many teams can say that. The boys XC said that they would do it all again if they could the same way because they may have not gotten first place, but they placed and still made it to the national championships. Student athletes are hardcore and to get far in any sport is amazing. In the end the boys knew they did what they could and they performed how any of their peers or coaches would.