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Behind the MacBeth production

Behind the MacBeth production

Mountain View’s drama group is extremely talented and they are already working towards a performance in the coming weeks. This November, they are putting on a performance of “MacBeth” by Shakespeare. It will be playing November first, second, and third at 7p.m. all three nights. Although the onstage performers are incredibly talented and amazing, this article is focusing on the people who bring everything together behind the scenes. There are many students who put in so much time and effort to bring everything to life. These efforts include building sets, writing and annotating scripts, getting all the costumes and props together, and creating art backstage.

Walker Alldredge, a senior who is a long time drama lover, states that, “Everyone has their own part they get to memorize with doing tech. I get a script backstage, and I’ll run either lights or sound while looking and referencing different people’s lines and what needs to happen on those lines.” From the moment school ends, the cast and tech crew are working together to create a wonderful performance that can be enjoyed by everyone.

There’s also a lot of work that goes into the performance off stage. Lance Ivie, a junior, does a lot off stage mainly focusing on makeup art. “Looking for makeup ideas can take somewhere between two to seven hours,”

While interviewing some students about drama,most of them had similar answers about what they like about the teacher. “Tara, the drama teacher, is great,” Ivie says. “Everybody loves her. The theater department is built like a family, everybody has their own theater moms, sisters, brothers, but Tara is like the theater mom. She’s always there if you need to talk to someone.”

“I love that I get to see the tech side and the actor side and interact with both of them,” Sam McDonald, a senior, says about the teacher. “I love that I am able to get closer to everyone, and get closer to my director. I love a lot of things about Tara. Tara is very easy to relate to, she gives a very teenage vibe. Just talking to her is so nice. She’ll be very kind to you and be very patient with you.”

The four students interviewed for this article all said that they are very lucky to have a director such as Tara. “I love working with Tara. She’s relatable. I love how down to earth she is,” Soup Miller, also a senior, stated. Many other students and Mountain View families are so excited to see the final product of all of this hard work and dedication. We would love to see you there.

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