Year in Review


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Mountain View High School

The Cross Country team won state! They had an overwhelming victory over Timpanagos who ended in second place by 68 points (156-88), that’s an incredible victory for the Bruins!

Another Success was the Volleyball team. They finished with an impressive record of 26-6 winning over 80% of their games! What an astonishing accomplishment! The Brave Bruins fought hard with all their might all the way reaching the State Championship but sadly losing to Bountiful 3-0, regardless of this, they still got 2nd in state. It was an amazing season.

The Wrestling team had a good run too, winning regionals, with Cody Burr team captain almost winning the State title, ending in an impressive 2nd place.

The girl’s weightlifting team won both the Olympic Division and the Power Division of the unofficial state weightlifting championships held at MVHS on April 27, 2022. The Olympic Division consists of Snatch and Clean & Jerk, while the Power Division is Back Squat, Bench Press, and Deadlift. Placing is decided on the total weight lifted from each division’s lifts. There were eight teams at the event and over 50 athletes. The teams present were Gunnison Valley, Mountain View, Northridge, Pleasant Grove, Spanish Fork, Timberline, Timpview, and Uintah. The location of the meet rotates between participating schools each year.

Mountain View’s cheer team took first place in Weber State! After suffering from injuries, sickness, and other things that hit the the team, they still worked hard and managed to win state. Senior cheer captain Kylie Horton says, “Winning at Weber was so rewarding and just made all of our hard work worth it.” per the Bruin Post

Softball wins Academic State Championship. The MVHS Softball team had the best cumulative GPA of any softball team at the 5A level. Academics are the central focus of any high school academic-based athletics program. MVHS helps students stay on track for graduation and eligible for extracurriculars through its program “Pass to Play.”

A trend called “Devious licks” become very popular among schools all across America and it made students steal items from school properties, even affecting our beloved high school. This trend is about stealing a certain item, recording it and using a certain song, then posting it on tiktok for likes and attention. This trend affected our school especially the bathrooms, where most of them lack either mirrors or soap dispensers, and even leading to worse cases in other schools like stealing water fountains, yes! Water fountains! This is how far the trend was going and the trend eventually died out, but the effects of it are still seen today.

Wish Week this year happened from March 7-11, Gali is a little girl who has been battling cancer and her wish is to go to Disneyland/Disneyworld. Mountain View dedicated one week to Gali to make sure her dream comes true; during this week we had fundraisers where we tried to raise the most money for Gali and an assembly was dedicated to her to raise money.

A lot of dance and events happened at Mountain View through the year, here is the list of some of them:

Back to School Dance – August 17, 2021
Homecoming Dance – September 18, 2021
Drama & Dance Shakespeare Competition – Thursday, September 30 – October, 1, 2021
District Concert Dance – Wednesday, October 27, 2021
Auditorium Performances – November 20, 2021
Choir – Holiday Concert – December 9, 2021
Instrumental Holiday Concert – December 15, 2021
Country Swing Dance – February 8, 2022
Aspire Dance – March 5, 2022
Smash Dance – April 21, 2022

This high school year was overall a great year! To the Seniors graduating this 24th, thank you for being a Bruin! We wish you all the best for your path ahead! Go Bruins!!