StuCo Elections Results

The Student Council Results are here! Here is your 2022-2023 Mountain View High School Student Council:

Executive Council:

Student Body Historian: Kaylee Smith

Student Body Secretary: Isaac Rodriguez

Student Body Vice President: Kallie Kunz

Student Body President: Tyler Blevins

Student Body:

Student Body Activities: Ariana Minton

Student Body Program: Miranda Cheney

Student Body Public Relations: Jayden Willis

Student Body Publicity Spanish Speaking: Melanie Hernandez Ramirez

Student Body Publicity English Speaking: Amber Westover


Design Representative: Kate Holyoke

Design Representative: Lexi Jensen

Tech Representative: Jonathan Thompson

Pep Representative: Garret Wimpy

Junior Class:

Junior Class Activities: Anabelle Moore

Junior Class Secretary: Merary Sandoval

Junior Class Vice President: David Moses

Junior Class President: Kasidy Preston
Senior Class:

Senior Class President: Allie Trapnell

Senior Class Vice President: Kristen Williams

Senior Class Secretary: Cooper Harward

Senior Class Historian: Brooke Hendrickson

The Election was a long process that lasted for weeks, beginning with the candidates hanging posters in the hallways to them being presented to our school in an assembly, to the results of the student council elections being announced in a pre-recorded assembly! There were two opposite sides, the gold team and cardinal team, both sides were firstly introduced by a pre-recorded video. Both teams competed against each other in lunchtime activities, hand-outs and morning announcements to try and grab the attention of the students in our school to win the competition. Cardinal and Gold assembly was held in April 1, 2022 in a Friday before spring break, where we were formally introduced to the students running in the elections, and at the end of the assembly the two students running for Student Body President gave speeches, and after the assembly was over we got to vote for the next year council.

Congratulations to the winners of the Student Council Elections, we the students of Mountain View appreciate your hard work and dedication to making this school a better place. We are so excited to have the new Student Council in our beloved Mountain View helping the staff and students, who put in the effort to be where they are right now! We wish you all the best! 22-23 Council! Go Bruins!