Bruin basketball team takes the win against Timpanogos

Timpanogos vs. Mountain View. What a game between these two rivals. Ending with the score of 79-69, Mountain View taking the win. This game was the definition of “fire.” It was competitive between both schools and all players. The game started off with Timpanogos taking the first point and leading for the first half of the game, but little did the crowd know that our Mountain View Bruins would be making their way back up, leading up to winning against the T-Wolves.
First quarter started off like any game with the tip off, Mountain View winning the tip off, but then the T-Wolves got a steal and got the first point, but not too long after did the Bruins score but the T-Wolves still led through the game. Players number 4 Anthony Burgos and number 33 Sherman Stafford were carrying a lot during the first half of the game with the assist from teammates number 15 William Beckstead and number 10 Hunter Kaopua carrying the Bruins team to leading after first half. The T-Wolves had no problem the first half, but started to look tired during the second half, giving an upper hand to the Bruins to score and make the shots they did.
Bruins and T-wolves both had awesome defense and offense on the court making it a rough game. There were tough calls from the refs calling what some of the players and coaches will say were foul plays, meaning not true plays. There was so much pushing and fouls between the boys that sometimes you could not tell what happened or who did it because the boys were all competitive. During this game I saw some awesome shots and defense from the T-Wolves making it look like they would take the win that night. But in just a blink of an eye the Mountain View Bruins came right back with even stronger defense and sharper shots giving them that win.

It was a tough game between both schools with awesome players making it even harder. Since the beginning the T-wolves and Bruins have always been rivals. Not for all sports at each school, but we’ve always known each other as rivals. This game only proved why they were rivals and why they were both tough teams. Everything was heated, including both teams’ coaches. Head Coach Mister Whitehead said that “their team fought till the win and they deserved this more than anyone else with the amount of work and hours being put into the game of basketball”. Well Bruins, looks like the boys basketball team is climbing up and taking those Ws from left to right.