“Masters of the Universe: Revelation” review (spoilers)


July 23rd 2021, “Masters of the Universe: Revelation” was released, a show which looks decent enough to watch, however, has 2.5 star review on google. Why is it that this great looking show is receiving these low ratings? A recurring answer in the media is that “Tella was the main character and not He-man”.

In episode one, He-man and Skeletor battle, however He-man dies when using the sword of power to stop an explosion which would kill everyone. However, in turn this also kills He-man and Skeletor, and reveals Adam’s identity to Tella. With this, Tella leaves the kingdom to be a mercenary. Looking at the media a lot of people don’t like this part when Tells leaves believing “this doesn’t seem like enough to make Tella leave”. However, Tella did lose her best friend before finding out he is He-man and that her father and others knew and didn’t tell her, making her feel left out and alone, so that should be enough reason to leave.

When it comes to who the main character of the story it’s Tella, this is why the media doesn’t like the story, however many did say that the story itself is great. The characters get good moments, the fights are not one sided, they are intense, and the voice actors are close to the voice actors from the original series of Masters of the Universe. When looking at reviews, most of the lower rating ones are people who have watched the original when they were younger giving them something to compare to. For the better ratings it’s mostly people who know the original series but didn’t really watch it making this new ground for them. So the ratings are low since it’s not giving the nostalgia the fans are looking for, not for the storyline or character development.

Lots of the reviews are because of part 1 of the series, however in part 2 He-man is again the main character. First, Adam loses the Sword of Power to Skeletor, Adam later fights Skeletor without the sword but still uses the power still, however it makes him berserk He-man. There are more pros for this as the writers are giving him the screen time the fans want but making sure to give justice to the other characters as well. One of the problems is that they have to bring in characters from the original into this series with little context since it would complicate things, but it still makes it hard to know who some people are without knowing the history of Masters of the Universe.