Swim Meet vs. Orem


Amber Rasmussen

The swim team set up for their first swim meet against Orem.

The first swim meet of the season was on November 3rd for the Mountain View swimmers at the Orem Recreation Center. However, with the season there is the restriction of no spectators, and many of the swimmers are upset with the situation. When asked her opinion about this new mandate, Jenna Trahan replied, “It sucks. It’s my senior year, and I want my mom and friends to come watch.” Another student, Maxwell Elliott, also responded, “I really wish that the situation would change. I have a lot of family here and they all want to be here to support me. Especially because this is my first swim season.” The reason behind this regulation was the spike in Covid-19 cases.  It is within the reason to keep everybody safe: swimmers, staff, and officials alike.

On a lighter note, the swimmers were happy with how the meet turned out, though it did not get scored against teams in full. The Orem High coach decided to just have the swimmer’s times be official and not against each other, turning the competition into a little bit of a practice meet. Swimmer Jonathan Stott said, “the meet was within acceptable parameters.”

Sadly, the season had been postponed for two weeks because of a huge spike in covid cases. This was based on the announcement from Governor Hurbert about extracurricular activities and sports. The next meet will hopefully be on December 3rd as the Governor stated a couple days ago that seasons may start back up.