Among Us Craze


Mostafa Elturkey

Art of the red Among Us character with stars in the background.

Among Us is a social deductive game created by a small group known as Innersloth. It was put on IOS and Android in 2018, but did not blow up until 2020– most likely due to quarantine and the boredom of the people staying inside. Thankfully this game is multiplayer and has a lobby system so you can invite and play with friends.

The game takes place in three maps and requires eight crewmates to figure out and vote out the one, two, or possibly three imposters, all while crewmates complete tasks and the imposters try to kill and lie their way to victory. Imposters also have the ability to sabotage systems that can turn off lights, shut of O2, and other stuff similar to that. Specific sabotages like O2 and reactor can kill the crewmates if not fixed in time, while others like lights and communication can make finding the imposters a bit harder.

Youtubers and streamers alike have adopted this game into their channel with open arms. Big youtubers like PewDiePie and big streamers like Ninja, and even makeup artist James Charles have played the game. Many youtubers and streamers have collaborated with other youtubers to bring interesting content to the table.

DisguisedToast, a youtuber and Facebook Gaming streamer is possibly one of the best when it comes to sniffing out the imposters as well as playing the imposter. His gameplay is absolutely amazing while being supremely smart, which is what makes watching DisgusedToast playing Among Us so entertaining.