Moving forward with your music journey through MVHS


From Jazz to Pop, the battle of the bands and open mic show was a great success for the performers. The supporters who showed up had a great attitude and were well recognized for their cheering and applause. 

A wonderful start with Bluegrass thunder and then a smooth transition to Cookie Dough, they played “Chameleon” by Herbie Hancock and their original song “Cookie Dough.” They had a special way of playing together that seemed calm and joyful. They seemed to just be happy to be there and show off their incredible talent.  

Then a switch of emotion with Easier With You. Who played “Believer” by Imagine Dragons. A well sounding duo they were, they made a powerful entrance and were confident. For their original piece they played, “Fangirl Fanatic” which had a special way of expressing their beings. 

Moving on to the open mic section, to start off AJ Madison sang “The Way I Feel” by The Zombies. Great choice on Madison’s part, this song fit his vibe well. Next Jaden Willis performed “Tears of Gold” by Faouzia, a beautiful piece and execution.To finish it off Tyler Blevins performed “All of Me” by John Legend. He had a very powerful way of performing, he knew how to work the crowd.

Great judges as well; Arlen Card, Katrina Sorenson, Randy Blosil, and Randall Allred. They all added a specific perspective to the judging, and came to a final consensus.