Spikeball Club


Have you ever wanted to play spikeball but never had a place to do it? Or do you have no idea what spikeball is and are curious? Join Spikeball club! Hone your reflexes, meet new people, and have a great time at mountainview’s most popular club. When asked about what spikeball club is, Kaden Kunz, one of the club’s founders had this to say, “Spikeball club is something everyone can be a part of just by playing spikeball and getting to know people better. Anyone can come on Tuesdays-Thursdays at the park by MV. No matter how experienced or skilled you are or aren’t, we want everybody to come who wants to be there.” Another member had this to say, “Spikeball club is a club where everyone gets together and just has a good time playing spikeball. The best part is that it’s not too competitive, so everyone can go and just have fun.”

If you still have questions about spikeball and its club at mountain view, feel free to ask anyone, as a member is never far away.