Why Moana Is the Worst Disney Princess Movie

Moana is the worst Disney princess movie. I have not seen all Disney princess movies, but out of all the princess movies I have seen, Moana is by far the worst. Moana is greedy and every problem the characters have to face lasts for 5 minutes, then is never spoken about again.

Moana’s character is one of the most greedy characters I have ever seen. Moana is the princess of a village, and all she wants is to leave the village she is going to be responsible for. Moana had everything their village had and knew of and yet she still wants more than she has. Eventually Moana gets what she wants, leaves the island, and meets a demigod named Maui who is locked up and has been locked in a cave for a thousand years. Moana forces him to help her.

In the film, every time something interesting happens, it gets sidelined or forgotten within five minutes of being introduced. One example is when the pig side kick was introduced and then set aside because Moana didn’t want the pig to get hurt, reducing the characters the show had to focus on. Another thing the movie introduced was the coconut pirates, which were very cool when they were introduced, but then were removed almost immediately and never mentioned again. This part really annoyed me because I feel like they could have done a lot more things with this enemy, but they just removed them from the story right after they were introduced. This problem happens a few times in the film, and most of the things they sideline have potential to make the movie more interesting.

There are a lot of things about Moana that make it the worst Disney princess movie. Now I am not saying Moana is a bad movie, but it is worse than the other Disney Princess movies that I have seen. From the greedy main character to the sidelined opportunities, this movie just isn’t interesting to me.