Girls Lacrosse

Lacrosse has been around since the 1630’s and was started by Native American tribes. It is a fast paced game that is played with a lacrosse stick that you use to try and throw a rubber ball into a net. The rules between men’s and women’s lacrosse are mainly different due to the fact that men’s lacrosse is a contact sport and womens is not. This means you aren’t allowed to body check in women’s lacrosse. However, that doesn’t stop it from being an exciting game with lots of action.

The sport may be old, but it’s just getting started at Mountain View. It’ll be very exciting to see where this could go. Lacrosse got its start just last year, but unfortunately, the season was cut short due to COVID.

When asked about what he had to say about the team, Coach Kaika Cole said, “I’m looking for students that show compassion and kindness, with a desire to improve themselves in all areas of their lives and who have a desire to help others as well. Lacrosse is often referred to as the Medicine Game, and that’s what I hope to bring across to everyone who engages in the game. Whether you’ve played for years or are interested in starting, my hope is to improve the team and the individuals on it (and those who come to watch) by connecting them to the roots of lacrosse (and of course the fundamentals as we have a lot of new players), and helping them realize it’s more than a sport; it is a way to heal and be healed.”

Tryouts are March 1st-5th– so if you’re interested, try out! It is a fun experience and is something new. Nevaeh Wilson, who played on the team last year, said, “The whole team loved each other and had a great time every day.” Anyone can try out regardless of experience, so don’t be afraid to try something new.