Performing Arts Week


MVHS Band.

Are you tired of the same old school drag and want to try something art related, but don’t know what to join? Well guess what, Mountain View has something for you. It’s called Performing Arts Week. This year Performing Arts Week goes through March 16-19. You might be wondering, “What groups could I join? Are any of them fun? Would I fit in?” All of the questions can be answered at MVHS. Here at Mountain View, we have many performing arts. Whether it is choir, dance, band, drama, etc, we most likely have it.

On Tuesday March 16th, the drama department prepared a promo to show us what type of things we can do in Drama– whether it’s doing a play, or one of the many classes. In an interview with the drama Vice President Jackson Harding, he expressed that you “get to meet so many new people and people from so many different backgrounds,” and that, “acting helps you be someone you want to be, and someone you don’t ever want to be,” showing how much Jackson and many others love drama.

Wednesday was dance; whether it is Ballroom, Orchesis, or NHSDA, MVHS has tons of dance classes to join. To promote the classes, Orchesis brought a speaker to the commons and held a dance party. Students danced away the afternoon, showing off all the moves they all had. At the very end of the dance party the bruins played a game of freeze dance. The winner of the game was Miles Petty. They also had a booth where you could ask any questions about joining dance or anything about it.

Thursday was choir. Mountain View has multiple different choirs: Man Choir, Con Brio, Acapella, Motive, Concert Choir, and Chamber choir. In their promo, some former and current students explained why they love doing choir and why you should join. In an interview with a student favorite, Kaleb Thompson, he expressed why people should join choir, saying, “Music has the power to change our lives and make us better than we are, so why not come to the place where that is the focus.”

Friday was Band. The school has multiple different instrumental performance groups between various band and orchestra classes. Who wouldn’t want to learn who to play the saxophone, trumpet, the drums, or even the tuba? On Friday, the band played some of the songs they have been practicing. In a final interview with the MVHS Legend, Mr. Bowman, the burning question was: why should people join the band? He replied with, “Instrumental music is a unique way to express your emotions and learn the skills that last you a lifetime. Which includes discipline, collaborating with others and accomplishing challenging new things! Plus it’s fun!” Joining the band would be so much fun. And you get to go on tour and perform in other schools for the younger students.

After the week of performing for each other, MVHS has shown we have many performing arts.That’s not all the clubs and arts. Mountain View High school has a lot of them. As the great Yoda has said, “Something lost– a part of yourself, perhaps. That which you seek, inside you will find.” At Mountain View you will find the lost part in an arts class.