Monster Hunter Rise Review

“Monster Hunter Rise” is one of the best games on Nintendo Switch. “Monster Hunter Rise” is a new entry in the “Monster Hunter” franchise. The “Monster Hunter” games mainly consist of fighting monsters and creating new and better equipment from previously hunted monsters to hunt bigger monsters. This new entry takes many aspects from the previous games mainly from its predecessor, “Monster Hunter: World.” 

“Monster Hunter Rise” takes the best parts from every previous game and puts them all together. One example of this is the way it removes loading from area to area which was in every game up until world. Another example of this is with the extremely unique weapon design which was left out of its predecessor “Monster Hunter: World” to make the game seem more realistic. One more example of them bringing the best aspects from previous games is with the “Switch Skills” which is inspired by the “Hunter Art” mechanic which was only in “Monster Hunter Generations” and “Monster Hunter XX.” These things that “Monster Hunter Rise” have put together make it one of the best “Monster Hunter” games ever.

While “Monster Hunter Rise” might be the best “Monster Hunter” game ever there are still some issues with the game. One example of this is the lack of content. In the game there are a total of 34 “large monsters” (large monsters are the main type of monster the player will encounter). Excluding “Monster Hunter World,” this is a fairly small number of monsters, making the game shorter than most “Monster Hunter” games. Another issue with the game is a lack of end game content. This means that after you have beaten the “final boss,” there is not much to do. In previous games there were methods of fighting monsters for extra or different rewards, but in “Monster Hunter Rise,” it limits the amount of monsters that have an endgame variant. While these things make the game feel short the developers have announced that they will be adding more monsters and more post-story content to resolve these problems.

“Monster Hunter Rise” brings the best parts of the previous generations of “Monster Hunter” together to make the best gameplay out of the franchise. This game will also continue being supported by the developers for the foreseeable future, making the game have more content and creating an even better game overall. With all of these things, “Monster Hunter Rise” may not be the best “Monster Hunter” game, but by the time the developers stop supporting the game I am confident that it will become the best “Monster Hunter” game in the series.