Soccer Tryouts

Mountain View is a powerhouse in soccer. Before their season ended last year due to covid they had a shot at winning state. We interviewed senior Valerio Garcia on his experience during the try outs.
“It was hard, there was a lot of competition and coaches treated everyone the same, it didn’t matter if you played varsity last year or if you were a freshman, everyone had a chance to compete for a varsity spot”.

The tryouts lasted 3 days, the coaches made 2 cuts through these 3 days to reduce the people, no one was cut on the first day. Before the tryouts the team had an open gym so coaches were already looking at some of the players they saw there. 100 people showed up on the first day, only 55 made one of the 3 teams (varsity, junior varsity, freshman) this goes to show how competitive our soccer team is. On the last day of the tryouts they had a soccer game, Valerio said, “this game will allow us to get to know each other better and start to connect on the field”.
We also asked Valerio how he expects the season to go, “I think we have a solid team and could go far into the playoffs”.

Here we have a list of the people that made the 2021 soccer team.

The Bruins will be facing the Pleasant Grove Vikings on March 12 to open their season at home. We wish the soccer boys luck.