Athlete Insight: MVHS Volleyball Edition

There is a very skilled athlete who is on the same team as Mia Lee, Kaylin Scott, and the other very skilled players of the Mountain View Varsity Volleyball team, her name is Courtney Fischer. She is number 23 out on the court and her role for the team is being the Defensive Specialist. She plays an important position for the Mountain View Varsity Volleyball team. A Defensive Specialist is a position that gives good passes to other teammates after receiving the ball from the opposing team. A defensive specialist is an important part of any volleyball team; without them the team will go into chaos and will most likely suffer a defeat from the opposing team.

Courtney’s Volleyball training is fun but it is also rough sometimes. She has to focus on the next game. Training will be rough because training makes perfect. Courtney has to train to try to beat the next team that comes along. Her training consists of doing intense drills, scrimmage drills, and more. Courtney has to train for her role as Defensive specialist. She has to train to become a better defensive specialist and with her becoming better and better defeating upcoming opponents will become easier.

Courtney also gets along very well with her fellow teammates. A player on any sports team must have good communication with their teammates if not then they will lose the game. The Players on the Varsity Volleyball team are all skilled and the Mountain View Varsity Volleyball Team are one the best teams in the state of Utah because they communicate. If they didn’t communicate they would never have reached being one of the best in the state of Utah. Courtney loves working and playing volleyball with these very talented players treating them with respect and kindness.

Courtney has a calm and determined personality and also has a calm and determined mindset when playing a volleyball game. She is focused on the game and only the game while on the volleyball court. Every person who has ever played a sport knows that you have to concentrate on the game instead of being distracted by the fans and thinking about losing the game. Instead people gotta focus on the game and the moment like what Courtney does during each Volleyball game.

Her thoughts after a game can vary. The team could have lost or won it depends. Whenever the Varsity team wins Courtney feels great and thinks about how much she had to train and have good communication with her teammates during the game. Courtney loves winning and so does every other sports team. Courtney likes celebrating knowing her hard work is paying off after a game.

When the team loses they might feel bad and not good enough. Courtney thinks she just has to try and train better to win the next game. After a loss the Varsity team needs to focus on the next game and not focus much on the defeat they just went through. They do train to learn from their mistakes. Courtney trains hard alongside her teammates to win the next game and learn from their defeats so they could win the next game.

Courtney and other students in the school really think that they will win the State Championship again this year. SInce they are one of the best High School Volleyball teams at the moment. Courtney thinks that we have a good chance of going and winning the state championship. With them racking more wins and with their good training they would win it in no time. Volleyball players and Courtney believe that if they keep training and becoming better and learning from the games they lost, they will win and become number one. This is why Courtney is one of the best players of Mountain View Volleyball because she is determined to win and learn from each of the games she plays in.

The Varsity Volleyball Team is one of the best teams in Utah and Courtney will also continue to be one of best players on the team. The Team is lucky to have her as a good defensive specialist. The Varsity Team is great because of the great communication and good coaching. All of the team members deserve to be on the team with each contributing a bunch and moving them towards the win in each game. Courtney really helps drive the team along with the other players. Courtney is very skilled and belongs on the team.