MVHS Wrestling Team

It is no doubt that one of Mountain View High School’s best and most popular programs is the wrestling program. They compete well every year and always have star athletes for both the boys and girls teams. With tryouts starting in a couple weeks, I thought it would be good to interview Coach Blevins, and to hear his thoughts on this upcoming season.
When he was asked the question, “What are you hoping to accomplish this season?” Coach Blevins replied with, “To increase the numbers for both boys and girls wrestling, and to compete and win their region title.” Mountain View has always had a solid wrestling program with good numbers, but it is great to hear that they want more people and have a goal set for them.
I followed up with the question, “What are you going to do to reach those goals?” Coach Blevins quickly replied with,”We need to get kids committed on the mat and in the weight room.” I have no doubt that he will make sure that happens. Coach has been getting kids to commit in both of those because they have athletes placing and winning state matches every year. To compete at that level requires dedication and hard work.
“Are there any kids you have your eye on this season?” “Of course!” Coach Blevins replied, “On the girls side, there is Esther Han, she moved from Illinois and is ranked 2nd in the nation. And Zaria Power is a returning state finalist.” Coach Blevins also added,”Isla Bueza is a sophomore and placed 4th in state last season.” Coach followed up with,”On the boys side, Cody Burr is a 2 time state placer, Gable Stoddard is a returning state finalist.” Blevins also mentioned,”Other mentionable wrestlers Trisan Cox, Xavier Perez, Diego Pedraza and Tyler Blevins are all returning state qualifiers.”
The list of kids that Coach Blevins has mentioned is not small, it is a good chunk of really good athletes. And they didn’t place high in state for putting in half effort and going through the motions. They are all hard workers, they are committed on the mat and in the weight room, just like Coach wants. Coach Blevins has been successful so far, and I have faith he will keep going down the right path and lead this program to success.