Football 2021 Recap

Football 2021 Recap

With the 2021 football season now over, let’s take a look at it and recap this year’s season. The Bruins fought hard and gave it their all every game but unexpectedly they ended the year with a record of 1-9.

The Bruins first season game was a home game, against Maple mountain, the first quarter started off good at 6-7, but the Bruins were beat in the 2nd quarter only scoring 9 points, and 3rd quarter giving up 20 more points, and scoring 6 points in the 4th quarter, leading to their first loss, 55-22. Starting 0-1.

The 2nd week games, was against the Orem Tigers at Orem Highschool, the Bruins were overwhelmed against the Tigers, leading to the worst loss of the season 68-0. With the Bruins losing the second game of the season it led to a 0-2 season.

The Bruins of Mountain View, would play the Skyline Eagles at home in the 3rd week, the Bruins fought hard, but Skyline’s defense was too good, and the offense wasn’t able to score any points leading to a 0-35 loss. Leading to a 0-3 Season.

For the Bruins next game they played the Timpanogos Timberwolves at Timpanogos Highschool in the 4th week, as they went into their first region game. In the first quarter the Timberwolves scored 9 points, in the second quarter the Bruins scored a touchdown, but gave up 13 points, in the second half the Bruins gave up 41 leading to a loss of 63-7. Going into a 0-4 season.
The next game the Bruins would play are against Uintah Utes at home in the 5th week, this was a fierce and close game in which Mountain View, QB Jackson Mccarty would make 5 passing touchdowns, and make an impressive total amount of 350 passing yards, and on the defensive side 5 sacks were made, as the Bruins were close to victory, the Utes scored in a last second drive, leading into overtime!!! As the utes won the coin toss, they managed to score a field goal, and now it was the Bruins turn to score, but their defense stopped the Bruins in the last few seconds as they went for it in the 4th down, leading to a 37-34 loss, this game was very emotional, and tears were shed and anger was spread, as the Bruins were starving for a win. Going into a 0-5 season.

The next week, the Bruins would play the Hillcrest Huskies at our home for Homecoming in the 6th week, the Bruins of Mountain View were angry for a win. The first quarter started 7-7, but the bruins weren’t the same, they were starving for a win! In the second quarter the Bruins scored 28 points and in the 3rd 14 points!! Both offense and defense were on point, leading to the first win of the season for the Bruins!! LET’S GO BRUINS!!! Winning 49-7 going into a 1-5 season.

In the 7th week game, the Mountain View Bruins played the Tooele Buffaloes at Tooele Highschool, the Bruins scored 2 touchdowns in the 2nd quarter and 4th quarter by Mountain View QB Jackson Mccarty, but the bruins still fell short and lost by 41-14, leading to a 1-6 season.

Leading into the 8th week of the football season, the Bruins would play the Stansbury Stallions, this would be the Bruins last home game for the season, and the last home game for the Seniors in the football team. Mountain View tied in the first quarter, but the Bruins were overwhelmed by the Stallion’s offense, leading to a loss of 52-14, going into a 1-7 season.

Going into the 9th week the Bruins would play Cedars Aviators, at Cedar Valley Highschool and the Bruins practiced hard and they fought very hard in the game, for the Hope that if, they win this and next game, they would make it into the playoffs, but sadly the Bruins had given up 14 points in the 2nd quarter, which cost them a loss of 27-14, going to 1-8.

Into the 10th week, the Bruins knew this would be their last game against the Payson Lions and the last game for the Seniors in the football team, the Bruins practiced hard to atleast to end the season with a win. There was a lot of emotion during this games, as it was the last and the Bruins of Mountain View fought the hardest and gave it their all, and the score was almost tied in the first half, but in the second half the Bruins fell short, and lost by 12 points, leading to a 28-16 game. Finishing with a 9-1 season record.

Overall, this season wasn’t the best, there were a lot of downs, but there also were some ups. The Bruins still kept their spirits up, and never gave up and we have high hopes for next year. Thank you, Seniors for your hard work and dedication and the time you put into our football team, we will miss you!