Evermore Park oozes phantasmagoria, an adventure worth taking

The Fall/Halloween event LORE was a spooky festival that lasted all through the month of October. The park has high stone walls surrounding and marking out the premise, so when you enter the gates you are totally submerged into the fantasy world of Evermore. Pleasant Grove, Utah now has something to offer other than Seven Peaks and Skiing. This experience is still new (the park opened 2018) and is exploring worlds of theatre, improvisation and classic high fantasy elements.
Dressing up is encouraged, and because it’s a theme park people take it more seriously than a ren faire. The ticket price just to enter the park is $15 for an adult, which is worth it considering the free activities within the park. The activities include axe throwing, archery, and during the LORE season there was a haunted circus and magic performance that would happen every hour with a lot of audience participation. There was also an aerialist, and a fire eater located in the heart of the European village style town.
The town market was local artisans and small business owners that would set up tents and stands to sell ranges of gifts from leather work journals, wizard staffs, taxidermy hair clips, costumes, and custom mugs. There is lots of food, a little confectionery shop is near the entrance; it’s a tudor style home with interchanging actors everynight creating a different experience every time you enter. There is a conjoined restaurant at the park called Vander’s Keep. The restaurant is a medieval pub, where all waiters and waitresses are dressed accordingly. The restaurant (and the rest of the park) is filled with real antiques and imported collectibles. For example, real stained glass windows from a cathedral in England have made a home at the park, along with many cups, books, chairs, etc.
The park stays open late into the night, making the attendees different depending on what time you go. A more adult crowd will stick around later in the evening, and a more family friend crowd will come and go during the afternoon. Going with a group of friends is the best way to enjoy your experience. Once you enter the park you need to find an employee wearing a glow in the dark green pendant and ask for a quest that will lead you all over the park. If you don’t really want to interact with the actors or do quests, visiting the market place is still really fun and worth your time. Although it’s very highly recommended to do a quest because there are many writers and directors behind it all, perfecting multiple quests every night and every storyline for each season.
This park is great for every kind of audience and every demographic. The park is underrated, and hopefully it will become more popular and will expand more over the years. There are some unfinished parts of the park, and some complaints with the park that usually run along the lines of having to pay to do extra activities like the arena fighting or the train rides. In its essence, Evermore is a really fun park to go to that is constantly captivating and you will never have a boring moment or a moment that you aren’t making memories. It is a new kind of experience that stands out of the norm of what Utah is known for, and it’s expected to become popular nationwide.
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