Spider-Man No Way Home NO SPOILER Review

Most Marvel fans will spend days, weeks, or even months staying away from social media to try and avoid any spoilers for their favorite superhero movie. Many people will try to see what critics are saying about it and accidentally stumble upon plot details they would have rather seen in theater. “Spider-Man: No Way Home” is no exception. The movie is full of surprises and moments that shouldn’t be ruined for anyone who wants to experience the movie in all of its glory. Because of this there will be absolutely no mention of any major plot points or other movie surprises that aren’t revealed in trailers.
A very base level summary of the movie is that Spider-Man is trying to find a way out of his newfound fame after his identity is revealed in “Far From Home.” After getting Doctor Strange’s help, things go very wrong. Being completely honest, I was a little nervous when I read the plot. Spider-man is my favorite superhero and I thought “Far From Home” felt like a stepping stone for the MCU, rather than a Spider-Man movie. “No Way Home” is a very different film and even though it borrows MCU characters, it feels much more centered on the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. It allows Tom Holland to really shine in his role. The tone was something very new for Holland’s Spidey, as both previous films have been more light hearted. The newest film is much darker and in all the good ways. It still has all the quips people expect from Spider-Man, but also much better emotional range and depth for all of the characters.
There is a lot going on in the movie, but they pull it all together very well. The pacing felt nearly perfect, and with a two and a half hour runtime it is able to keep the story without rushing anything. They put in a lot of fun easter eggs throughout the film but it felt clever and fun, not cheesy. One of the best things about the movie is that you don’t need to watch every marvel movie to enjoy it. It makes it better if you do, but most Spidey fans will understand enough to truly enjoy the film.
As far as ratings go, “No Way Home” is outstanding. Rotten Tomatoes rated it at 94%, while the audience rating is a near perfect 99%. To put this in perspective “Into The Spider-Verse” got a 97% with a 93% audience rating and “Spider-man 2” got a 93% with an 82% audience rating. Both movies are considered some of the very best Spidey films, and “No Way Home” is a very strong contender.
If you are even thinking about seeing this movie then you should definitely check it out. It really is a great film and there is a lot to love. I couldn’t recommend it enough. This movie gave me things I didn’t even know I needed. Everything from the villains to Holland’s portrayal of Peter Parker was amazing.