‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ summary (SPOILERS)

The following is a Summary of “Spider-Man: No Way Home” and therefore contains major spoilers.

On Dec 17, 2021 Spider-Man No Way Home was released. In general the movie was a success receiving an average of 4.8 stars out of 40351 reviews and growing according to google.

In the beginning of the movie, it continues from the last Spider-man movie where Spider-man’s identity as Peter Packer is revealed to the whole world. He and Mj begin to freak out and end up going to Peter’s home where it shows a scene where Happy and May are together but Happy is crying. First off Peter and Mj’s reaction to the video seems an appropriate response considering their age so that was well played. In the sense with Happy and May it seems generally ok and seems more like a scene for comedy.

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Later on, we see Peter getting interrogated about the video where Mysterio claims that Peter is the true villain, which also leads to Peter leading the attack with the drones and killing Mysterio. Afterwards Peter is talking to his lawyer which turns out to be Matt Murdock also known as Daredevil which was perfectly put together and made the fans of marvel freak out. So this scene was made out perfectly, it was able to make is so the audience knows what is part of the MCU from other marvel shows.

In the next secession of the movie it starts showing more results of the video and how it affects Peter and his loved one’s live’s and now making it hard for him and his friends academic futures as none of the colleges they applied for denied all of them. Peter then goes to Doctor Strange to ask him to make it so that he can make it so the video was never posted but without the time stone it wasn’t possible, however Strange did come up with an idea to erase the whole world’s memory that Peter Parker is Spider-Man. During the spell Peter kept changing it which messed Strange up and created problems for their world.

Peter ends up fighting Doc Ock who thinks Peter is Peter Parker for his world. During the fight Doc Ock is trying to force out information on the whereabouts of his machine out of Peter but since Peter doesn’t know who he is he is just very confused and ends up hacking Doc Ock’s tentacles with his nano tech. After a few moments Peter and Doc Ock get teleported by Strange who explains what is going on because he messed up the spell. Now there are people from different worlds who know Peter’s identity in theirs and they have to capture them all to send them back.

After capturing all of the ones who don’t belong in their world Peter finds out if they send them back now they will end up dying and being the hero he is he takes the box that would send them back from Strange and the two start to fight. During the fight Doctor Strange removes Peter’s Spirit from his physical body to get the box back, however because of Peter’s spider sense his body moved on its own, playing keep away with Strange till Peter got back into his body. At the end of the fight Peter wins by using math to web up Doctor Strange, stealing his ring that makes it so he can teleport, and leaving him in the mirror dimension.

Afterwards, Peter ends up taking the villains to Happy’s place where he can use a machine to help them. Starting with Doc Ock he makes a tiny device to make it so the tentacles stop controlling him and he will be the one in control. He than starts with the others till Norman Osborn loses control and becomes Green Goblin again and convinced the villains expect Doc Ock to turn on Peter and they all start fighting ending with the Goblin beating Peter and killing Aunt May whose last words to Peter was, “with great power comes great responsibility” than Spider runs away from the cops who think he caused the damage and told no one where he was going.

With Ned and Mj they are worrying about Peter till Ned almost makes a portal with Strange’s ring so they try to open on to Peter but end up opening one to a different Peter Parker. They tried again and once again got a different Peter Parker. After the five of them are talking they go and find Peter Parker and convince him not to send them back as they could save them. During the final battle one by one they start turning back the Villains to normal people when Doctor Strange came and saw what was happening. All of a sudden Green Goblin show’s up and blows up the box, this makes it so Strange has to stop it from bringing more entities that know Peter’s identity to their world but he fails to do so. Peter gets in a final fight with Green Goblin which this time he doesn’t hold back and almost kills him but the Tobey Spider man jumped in and stopped him. Once they cured Green Goblin Peter goes back to Strange to see that he can’t do anything about it. Peter then gives the idea to Strange to make it so everyone forgets his identity including his loved ones to stop the people from different realities from coming here. Once the spell was done Peter’s loved ones, friends, and family did not know him and he was left alone in his own apartment with some stuff of his. Overall the movie was great and the audience who watched it so far has loved it and the plot of the story is great.