We don’t talk about Bruno

‘Encanto’s’ ‘We don’t Talk About Bruno’ has been playing everywhere these past weeks. The song has has taken the world by storm and has been on the Billboard’s Hot 100’s for 8 weeks now, being in the #1 spot for 4 weeks and going.This confuses many disney fans, making them think, why is this song so good?
It has gotten so big that it has surpassed `Frozen’s’ ‘Let it Go’, with over 70 Million streams in the first week.It is the highest-charting song from any Disney animation in 26 years, and has proven to be one of the best Disney songs made, and continues to go up on the charts. There has been a big argument of whether or not ‘We don’t talk About Bruno’ is better than ‘Let it go’, but based on the charts it’s only going up. It has joined the group of songs that have exceeded the expectations. This has also happened with the song ‘A whole new world’ from ‘Aladdin’ that topped the charts in 1993.
Writer of the song, Lin-Manuel Miranda, has had a spotlight on him the last couple of years. He was the writer for the songs in the musical ‘Hamilton’, as well as starring in it. He has been the musical mastermind behind many other many other songs in Disney movies like Moana and Mary Poppins. It is no surprise that he would be able to write such a catchy song that anyone can enjoy.