Marvel vs. DC

Marvel and DC are the two goliaths of superhero entertainment. They have had a rivalry for many years, and they are both very well known. Marvel and DC have similar elements in their characters, but that is what makes them have a rivalry. Marvel is known for their huge success in the movie industry with their newest movie “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” coming out on May 6th, 2022. DC has an up and down reputation in the movie industry. The latest DC movie is “The Batman” which came out on March 4th, 2022. The two companies have had very good movies throughout the years. The two companies created their own cinematic universes in the late 2000’s and early 2010’s. They both have been in a race to try to become the better superhero company in the movie industry.

What many people don’t know about Marvel and DC is that they had a comic series together called Marvel vs. DC or DC vs. Marvel based on which issue you are reading. In this limited miniseries there were two god-like brothers which personified the DC and Marvel Universes. The two brothers challenge each other and fighting ensues between the two Universes. There are multiple fights between DC and Marvel characters, like for example, the fight between “The Flash” and “Quicksilver.” This was a limited miniseries created by a deal between the two companies because they both were losing money. The miniseries ultimately ended with “Batman” winning the last battle. But before the Marvel Universe was destroyed two very powerful beings, each one from a different comic universe, combined the two universes together creating the new Amalgam Universe. This new series combined DC characters with Marvel characters creating entirely new characters like for example “Dark Claw” which is the combination of “Batman” and “Wolverine” but eventually the new universe was destroyed.

Throughout the history of the two companies they have created similar characters to each other, like for example “Red Hood” and “Winter Soldier” or “Hawkeye” and “Green Arrow.” The two companies have characters that resemble each other. But some of these characters came out before the other one like “Catwoman” was introduced in 1940, and her Marvel equivalent “Black Cat” was introduced in 1979; clearly one came out before the other one yet they are very similar. The two companies copied from each other, and a lot of people could see the resemblance, but they could never tell who came out first. The two companies make these characters, and they usually aren’t the same as their counterparts from the other superhero universe.

It has been debated on which superhero universe has the best and most well known superhero characters. “Batman” and “Captain America” are both well known to people everywhere, but there has been a debate on who is better. People usually can’t choose which one is better because they both have their pros. Like the DC universe has “Superman” and Marvel doesn’t have “Superman” but Marvel has “Thor” and the DC universe does not have “Thor” so they both have their pros. The two companies are both goliaths in today’s entertainment, and the two universes are loved by many.