Moon Knight
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Who is Moon Knight?

Moon Knight, is a character from the MCU; however, who is he exactly? Moon Knight’s real name is Marc Spector. He became Moon Knight by becoming the avatar of Khonshu, also known as the god of the moon. Moon Knight also has split personalities one being Marc Spector, another called Steven Grant and last one being Jake Lockey. Upon having the suit on, Moon Knight gains enhanced physical powers, weapons, and with the help of Khonshu can turn the stars back to any time as shown in the Disney Plus series “Moon Knight”. There are theories that Moon Knight is immortal but this is not true. Moon Knight can die, and has many times He only gets resurrected by Khonshu, if he is to decide to stop resurrecting Moon Knight then Moon Knight will stay dead.


Also in the Disney plus show, “Moon Knight” starts with Steven in control of the body. Steven works at a museum and goes on with his daily life. When he gets home however, he can be seen trying to stay awake, refusing to sleep. When he is in bed he makes sure to lock himself with an ankle chain to a pole and pours sand on the floor around his bed. This is because Steven has some awareness of his split personalities and knows it switches when he falls asleep, so he chains himself to prevent him from leaving, and pours sand on the ground so he can detect if he has moved from his bed. He also does everything in his power to stay up as long as possible showing that he doesn’t just think he sleep walks. If he actually doesn’t know he could perhaps subconsciously know and that is why he behaves as such. Steven finds out he has been moving around because of his goldfish. His goldfish only had one fin; however, after waking up from what he thought was a dream, he finds that it has two fins now and that he has been out for a few days. Steven has his own version of the Moon Knight armor being more like a suit then a superheroes outfit.

Moon Knight is known to the superhero community as “Marvel’s Batman”. This is because Marc and Bruce (Batman) are both wealthy and masquerade as playboys. Both are detectives and both have trauma when they were young.