The Game of Tears and Cheers


Even though there was much effort, Mountain View lost their 2022 homecoming football game. With the loss, there were still good moments during the game. Cody Burr and Brielle Miller won homecoming king and queen this year. There was also an amazing performance during half-time, from the cheerleading team and dance team together.

During half-time they announced what everyone had been waiting for, homecoming court! The homecoming court this year was almost exactly what everyone thought it would be. As no surprise to anyone, Cody Burr and Brielle Miller won homecoming king and queen this year! With Jackson McCarty and Hallie Ford as the first runner-up, and Hunter Petty and Abby Hyatt as the second runner-up.

Ahead of the game Mr. Poduska, the head football coach, had a few comments. The game is against Tooele High. When asked what he thought the outcome would be, Poduska stated, “I’m pretty confident that we will win.” and “I think we match Tooele well.” He also said that he thinks that their greatest strength will be the love that the players have for each other, and how they play for each other. ”Our greatest strength is that we don’t quit, and the players really do love each other and play for each other.” On the other hand, he mentioned some challenges that they might face, ”We have a lot of players that do offense/defense and [other] special teams.” While facing these challenges and using their strengths to their best ability, he expects great plays from Latoa Lesa, Messi Pahulu, and Anthony Burgos.

After asking many students and faculty, the majority expect Mountain View to win. Even though the majority hoped that Mountain View would win, the outcome was not what was expected. Sadly, Mountain View ended up losing their game with the final score being 35-59.

After the game, Mr. Poduska had a few more comments to better explain what he thinks might’ve happened. “That was a must win game for both teams and Tooele wanted to win that game more than Mountain View.” He explains that there were really good individual performances during the game and that offense did great, but defense just did not do as much as they needed to. “The offense had a good game, they were successful in finding weaknesses in Tooele’s defense and they scored enough points to win, but our defense did not do enough.” He also mentioned “… we didn’t play together as a team so it was really frustrating to watch that game and be a part of coaching that game…” During half-time, the team did end up making some adjustments to help improve the way they were playing. “We made some adjustments during half-time that helped make a difference, but it just came down to who was going to play hard for four quarters and Tooele played harder.” While this game was difficult, Mr. Poduska thinks that the boys on the team will work really hard for their next games. “As frustrating as that game was, I know the boys will show up ready to work and get better for Stansbury.” They are playing Stansbury on September 30th.