A look back at the Mountain View High School football season


Amanda Peterson

Mountain View Football seniors with their coaches at their senior night .

Mountain View High School had high hopes going into this football season. They prepared all season long, and they were very excited going into this year. They won multiple 7 on 7 games (this is where just 7 of the skill players play 7 defensive players with no offensive or defensive linemen). They set out for their first game of the season against Maple Mountain High School. The game starts off and it’s going well and Mountain View is playing well, but unfortunately senior star quarterback, Jackson McCarty, takes a bad hit and gets hurt. They go on to lose this game.

Mountain View continues to play their season and it doesn’t go as they had all hoped. Unfortunately, every game seems like more players are getting injured. They then went on to lose games to Morgan High (L)39-7, Jaub(L) 49-21, Timpanogos(L)42-11, Uintah(L) 35-21. Mountain View however beat Hillcrest(W) 41-32 and they showed spots of greatness. Sophomore Quarterback, Latoa Lesa, threw for 168 yards (which is the measurement they use in football, each yard is three feet, and the football field is 100 yards). Completing 11 of his 20 attempts and bringing in three touchdown passes. He also had 80 rushing yards on six carries. Senior running back, Messi Pahulu ran for 238 yards on his 21 carries averaging 11 yards per carry. Kalvin Floyd, the sophomore receiver, had 3 receptions for 53 yards. Mountain View also brought in four sacks which helped out on their win. After the win they go into their next game against Tooele High School; they lost this game 59-35. They go on to lose the games to Stansbury(L) 49-7, Cedar Valley(L) 32-7 and Payson(L) 42-7.

Although their season didn’t go as they had all hoped, they showed glimpses of being great. Coaches and players still are taking positive things out of the season. Jackson McCarty, injured quarterback, said, “At the end of the day we are all brothers, and I feel we have created a better culture at MV on this team and we have become a family that has each other’s back.” They will be losing some of their important players this year however they had many young players stepping up in big ways. Sophomore QB, Latoa Lesa, started nine out of ten games and they are excited to see how his high school career unfolds. He threw for 1246 yards this season, with nine touchdown passes. He averaged 155 yards per game as a sophomore. Sophomore, Kalvin Floyd, had 324 receiving yards, averaging 40 yards per game. Kalvin led the team in yards per game this season. With all this young talent it is bringing high hopes for the future of Mountain View football. Jackson said, “we know there is high hope for a good season with the young talent we have, we just need everyone…in. This looks like players being there early, not missing practice and giving their all when doing drills.”

Mountain View is looking forward to the upcoming season, but they know there is lots of work that needs to be done. The coaches hope their players will buy into the program and be willing to put in the work. If so they will have a great season!