Choir Concert

This year’s concert was the first one choir had preformed and it was a blast! The Auditorium was filled with parents, friends, and other students. I really can’t blame them for coming. It was incredible.

Led by Brett Taylor, the Choir teacher, and his multiple choir groups, each performance brought something different to the stage. We had a men’s choir in cowboy hats and a banjo player. Motive was amazing, as always, and continued to show us how incredible they still are. Watching this show was an incredible experience. It kept you hooked the whole way through and their voices are anglic. If you missed this performance then you really missed out.

I interviewed Ashton Spencer. A student who is part of choir. He shared his experience performing and practicing.

“It was pretty simple.” He replied when I asked how practice went. “It was nerve wracking but when the concert actually started, it was fine.” He claimed to not be nervous when performing.

He told me he performed in Man choir, so I asked what he sang. “I was singing River Song and Rocky Top.” I later learned that “Rocky Top” was the song that the Man choir danced to. In cowboy attire. This was one of the most interesting pieces preformed. They had Mr.Taylor on the guitar, two students on a cajon, a drum you sit on, and a banjo player, while Man choir did a variation of what seemed like square dancing.

When I asked if it was fun to learn this dance, he replied with, “Yeah, a little hard at first.” “The T.A taught us.” “Remembering the dance moves to ‘Rocky Top’,” he responded when I asked what the hardest part for him was. Which, a lot of respect for Man Choir for memorizing the words and dances. Singing isn’t as easy as it seems, nor is dancing. Putting the two together seems like a whole other story. So job well done Man Choir!

Ashton also put the spotlight on another student, one he thought did really well. “Later in the concert, there was this one girl, Meliah, who just was like, super energetic and it was just so entertaining just to watch her just have so much fun.” And to all the students, the energy you provided was amazing. Meliah isn’t the only one who brought energy, but amazing job Meliah!

I also talked to Brett Taylor, the amazing choir director, and asked him about the show from his view.

“I think, for this early in the year, I think the choirs preformed exceptionally well. I got that feedback from a lot of audience members too that come to a lot of our concerts that were just surprised with the tone quality and the musicality from the choir. We normally get to that level at the end of the year.”

He also mentioned Jane Holse, the T.A for Man choir. She is the one who chorogrophaed the dance. I hope she’s happy with the amazing performance and with herself for all her hard work!
Taylor encourages all to join choir! Choir is a welcoming community and there is a spot for everyone, no matter your talent set. The more the marrier!

The next choir concert is Novemeber 17 and 18. This one is a fundraising concert. It is a night of New Orleans, so Louisiana themed. I recommend everyone go! Support our choirs and your fellow students!