Wallows is making sure fans aren’t bored yet

Wallows concert review

Wallows is an alternative rock band composed of Dylan Minnette (vocals/guitar), Braeden Lemasters (guitar/vocals), and Cole Preston (drums). The tour is named after their most recent album, which was just released on March 25th. They performed on Saturday the first of October, at the The Union in Salt Lake city. Wallows were on stage and the crowd was absolutely thrilled! The stage glowed light green, and then the lights turned a bright white. They then continued to flash, almost like a strobe light at times while flashing different colors during others. The lead singer, Dylan Minnette not only had a great, clear voice, but he was also a great performer, too! Each band member also did an incredible job with their respective instrument(s). They were very interactive with the crowd, which was of course well received!

After the first few songs, the band thanked the audience for such a warm welcome. They said that it was their first time performing in the state of Utah. Wallows expressed that they were happy to be there! They also did a great job by reminding people to give each other space, allow people to easily get out of the crowd for water or air if needed, and not to crush the people in the front. I thought that was really kind of them!

As the show went on, fans enjoyed songs like, “Quarterback,” “Scrawny,” and, “Remember When.” The band and the audience both impressively continued to not miss a beat and were all just as energetic as the first song! It was like both parties could’ve kept it up all night! After singing, “Guitar Romantic Search Adventure,” they said, “We’ll be right back!” The lights went down and Wallows exited the stage. The crowd began to chant, “One more song!” over and over until Wallows came back on for the encore to end their stop in Salt Lake City. A crowd favorite during the encore was an a capella mashup of Journey’s, “Don’t Stop Believing,” and, “Mr. Brightside,” by The Killers!

The Wallows’ and Empath’s stop in Salt Lake was a night filled with singing, dancing, and great music and performances by everyone who took the stage! Fans that poured out from The Union after the show could be heard chatting so happily about what they were just a part of. One person said, “I haven’t been this hyped about a concert in a long time!” I think many people felt that way and left the show on cloud nine!