A night in New Orleans


Owen Mullen

Students of MVHS performing “You are my Sunshine” for the audince

This year’s Mega concert at Mountain View High School was about a night in New Orleans. From Nov 17-18th 7-9 P.M. where students who have practices in the arts of music perform for the audience and for their trip to New Orleans in April.

According to Brett Taylor, the Artistic Director, he said, “New Orleans has a unique music history; we say New Orleans is the birth of Jazz music.” Mr. Taylor wanted to teach his students about the music history of New Orleans and since Mega concert was coming up, he thought that it would be the perfect opportunity to teach his students and give the audience an experience of New Orleans. When asked what he was most excited about Mr. Taylor said, “I am most excited for my students is ‘You are my Sunshine’ the state song of Louisiana, for me personally there are two songs that I get to play my Clarinet, so ‘Hello Dolly’ and ‘Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans’, the first song on the program.” When Mr. Taylor was asked how he felt about rehearsals he said, “Honestly, I feel like we are more prepared than we ever have in the past.” 

The Mega concert has been happening for around 20 years now and it’s always been in February, and this is the first time it’s happening in November. “I hope that student’s know that this is that February concert,” Mr. Taylor said. The Mega Concert is a yearly event and brings together students from different parts of the school and makes them work together to make a wonderful show for the audience. Students spent a lot of time practicing for this event, at school, after school, and at home so that they can perform greatly for opening night.