Boys Basketball Tryouts


Ryan Graybill

Basketball hoop standing out against the sky.

Basketball tryouts are on the come up and coaches and players are really looking forward to the season. Players have been waiting for the season for a while and are wondering if things will be different because of coronavirus.  From the coaches expectations for new players to opinions from past players, there is a lot of interest in what the upcoming season will look like.

In an interview with Coach Walker, he explained that the two most important things for tryouts are being able to “handle the basketball and shoot.” He elaborated by saying that these two things are “key elements” to the program. When asked about the prospects of the upcoming year, Coach Walker shared that the team looks “really good” and that he thinks it will be a “solid season.” 

When asked about goals and expectations for the season, Coach Walker explained that he wants the players to “play as a team so we can be successful making personal goals that you can obtain and being able to get along as teammates and as coaches and have a great year.” From a basketball standpoint, he doesn’t think coronavirus will really affect the season. 

With regards to fans, Coach Walker stated that “I don’t think the stands will be able to be filled, but I think the team needs to keep working hard and doing what they can because we don’t know what’s going to come of it.”

In an interview with star player, Ty Fitch, he stated that he thinks the “season last year wasn’t how [he] or the team wanted or expected it to go,” but that “it was a great learning experience.” He even went on to share that he believes it has “prepared [the team] to be much better” this year.

When asked what his goals were for the 2020 season Ty responded by saying that “The goal is definitely to win” but that he wants to “keep improving as a player and a team.” He elaborated on the topic, explaining that if the team keeps working the way they have then they “can accomplish great things.”

Coaches and players are extremely excited for the upcoming basketball season. The goals and expectations are really high. The players have been putting in a lot of work and we are really hoping the coronavirus doesn’t ruin the season.