Musical Revue


Rob Laughter

Stage curtains before a show.

Mountain View’s plays have always been amazing. The bright colors and amazing sets are built by none other than Stage Crew, who spend time during school to build, paint, and set up the sets and scenes they are going to use to portray the beauty of the background; but as important as they are, there still need actors to be on set.

This year’s play will be a bit different than your everyday play. The play itself is not a normal play, but a display of musical talent. Mountain View did not have the funding for a typical play, so the drama teacher, Mrs. Robertson, has instead put together different music for students to sing; Among the songs that are included in the musical are, “Hold On” from Secret Garden and “Corner Of The Sky” from Pippen.

The reason for the play not being a normal play is the lack of funding this year. Mrs. Robertson has also planned a musical composition. This will make it so they still have something to show while staying within the range they can afford. Not to mention, it is quite different; it’s always good to change things up.   The change might be a bit different than what the drama students usually see compared to their previous classes in drama. 

The Drama class has been busy with rehearsal in preparations for this new musical experience. Drama students are practicing solos, ensembles, and much more. Students take time out of their own life to practice their parts which all provide an important role in their songs. Especially the students that are doing solos.

The lack of funding this year has led the drama teacher, Mrs. Robertson, to improvise this year. Instead of a normal play, it will be a display of musical talents and different songs. Many students take time to rehearse and practice all their parts to be the utmost prepared for their spot in this year’s musical.