MVHS Swimmers back to Swimming at Orem Rec

School year 2020-21 revives the usage of the Orem Recreation center right next door to the school. With the recreation center back open, the Mountain View Swimmers have no need to travel down to Provo to practice. There are some ups and downs to the move back to right next door. Coach Josse Tobiasson commented, “I like having the pool right next to the school. It is definitely nice, (but) I hate having to change (the) lane lines.” The first few days of swim practice, it took around forty-five minutes to change the lanes from long to short. Though in recent times, the switching of the lanes lines aren’t needed to be done anymore, making it easy for the team to get in and start practice. 

Looking forward, Senior Cedros Harmon and Senior Captain Canon Shumway replied about their feeling towards being back to MV’s backyard for practice, “It feels great being back at my regular pool. It’s gonna be nice,” quoted by Cedros. Canon replied, “It’s super convenient.” 

In addition to all this coming back to the Orem Rec., the swimmers are in full swing of getting ready for the season to start in November, which is only a couple weeks away. “If there are any races.”