We Are One


Mountain View’s Chamber Choir.

Everything has been different this year for the Mountain View Bruins. Masks, restrictions, and regulations are present wherever you turn. There are no spectators allowed at any school events, whether it be sports or concerts. The choir program has been hit drastically by this, and it looked as though their first concert would be cancelled. But on October 6th, the members of the choir program came together as one to put on a magnificent show.

At six thirty sharp on that Tuesday night, the MVHS choirs began to warm up for their show. There were no friends or families in attendance to see the concert. Each choir was separated and asked to sit in the audience, as there were too many students to safely meet in the choir room or the stage. After a couple of minutes of chatting and getting situated, Mr. Taylor welcomed everyone to the concert. He then introduced Natalie Smith, the choir president, to say a few words to everyone. The auditorium was silent as she gave her speech, and a few were moved to tears by her strong words of unity. “You may not look out into the face of the audience and see your relatives,” she said. “But I hope you still see your family.” Smith received a standing ovation for her spectacular speech. Eyes were wiped, hugs were given, and MVHS choir grew closer together.

Finally at seven p.m., the show began. Chamber choir started on stage, and gave everyone a magnificent rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner.” They took their seats, and got ready to give Man Choir a warm welcome. They started with the upbeat “Jambo”, and then shifted to the impressive “Tika Tonu”. Motive Choir was up next, and they performed spectacular renditions of “Count On Me” and “When The Earth Stands Still”.

The Concert Choir began their set with “Bonse Aba”, and then moved everybody to tears with “Hamisha Asar”. Next, Chamber Choir took to the stage and blew everyone away with the glorious “Beati quorum via” and “Son de la Loma.” Then, Con Brio surprised everyone with the upbeat dance moves and percussion present in “Koowu” and “Tjak!”.
The massive Acapella was too big to be on stage all at once, so they stood up in their seats and began their set. The chilling “Indodana” moved everyone in attendance with it’s powerful melody, and the energetic “Jai Ho” got everybody dancing. For the final number in the concert, all in attendance stood up from their seats and began to sing the combined number titled “We Are One.” The song was powerful, strong, and extremely meaningful to all. Volunteers from each choir moved throughout the auditorium, filming each and every one of the choirs individually. The unity felt by all members of the choir program was palpable, and after a breathtaking performance, the concert was over.

Overall, the concert was a smashing success. Everybody had a great time singing for each other and only each other. The unity the students of this program showed should be an example to us all. They came together to perform a wonderful concert, and became closer as a family.