Football Playoffs

In this unprecedented sport season, the Mountain View football team looks to move on to the semifinals with a win against Stansbury High School.

As the second quarter of school begins, many of the sports teams at Mountain View are in the playoffs or heading into the playoffs for their respective sports.With that being said, the football team has advanced to the quarterfinals and will play Stansbury on Friday, October 30th. They ended the regular season at 5-3 and finished as the 11 seed for the state playoffs. However, some of their scheduled games have been cancelled due to Covid complications. I was able to talk to one of the players prior to the upcoming playoff game.
One of the star players on the team is senior wide receiver David Hare. He has been a varsity football player for 3 years. I asked him how this experience has impacted him heading into the game and he said, “It gives me a lot more confidence. I feel like I won’t be as nervous because I have done this before.” This past experience is extremely important for athletes of all sports as they are able to know what to expect and are mentally more prepared than if it was their first ever playoff game. When reflecting on how the regular season went, David stated, “I wish we could’ve played every game on our schedule, but Covid didn’t let that happen. I’m very grateful that we were able to play in as many games as we did. Overall, I think the season went pretty well. There were some hiccups here and there, but it wasn’t too bad.” The frustration and difficulty of playing in a season where you might have to stop playing at any time must be immense. Even with this adversity, David thinks the team is primed for a deep playoff run. David said, “I feel pretty confident. Everyone is healthy and I think we could make a really deep run this year. We just need to take it one practice at a time, use our strengths and exploit the opponents weaknesses.” When it comes playoff time, it is extremely important to not overlook opponents and make sure to stay focused. It seems like the team is making sure to do these things and that could be key.
This fall sports season has been truly unprecedented and will be remembered for a long time. Mountain View was supposed to play Uintah in the first round of the playoffs, but Uintah had to forfeit the game. Hopefully, the players stay safe and the Bruins football team can advance to the semifinals of the state playoffs.