Girls Tennis Recap


Although girls tennis isn’t the most attended sport, this close knit group of girls will prove that tennis is just as amazing as any other sport Mountain View has to offer.

Brooke Nielsen has been playing on the team for 2 years. In an interview, I asked her what her favorite part about being on the tennis team is, and she said, “Being on a team gives me more motivation to do well because I don’t want to let anyone down. Also the bonds with the teammates are real fun.” Another question asked was how the season went for her personally and she responded with: “I thought I did really well! Playing first singles can be pretty scary, but I was really proud of how well I matched my opponents.”

When asked about the closeness of the team, Assistant Coach Walker answered saying: “Yes, the team grew a lot closer together. The Saint George tournament was a good weekend to spend a lot of time together. Towards the end of the season, they were really watching each other’s matches and cheering each other on.” Head Coach Horton also agreed with these statements of the team growing closer together.

Katie Bell just started playing last year, but has loved it ever since. I asked her in our conversation how the season went for her and she said, “Personally, I felt like I improved a lot in my game than from last year, and I was able to play better and have more fun!” Then I asked what she enjoyed most about being on a team and she replied saying, “I love the sense of belonging that comes from being on a team. It is so cool to have a group of people all working toward the same goal and supporting each other along the way. MVHS THE BEST!”

Emily Jacob has been playing tennis for 4 years, but has played on the team for 2. When asking her about the team’s season overall, she said, “I really feel that the team improved as a whole throughout the season. We took some losses but won tons of individual matches and games. I’m so proud of everyone on the team!” Then in her personal performance she stated, “The season was pretty good for me! I switched around a lot from doubles to singles and back to singles but I had fun wherever I was playing. I won several doubles matches throughout the season!” My favorite response she gave came after asking what her favorite thing is about being on the team. She replied: “I love being on the tennis team because of all the girls! They are all amazing and make going to practice seem like the greatest thing ever! Tennis is a cool sport at Mountain View because everyone is just SO KIND, and while it is competitive, everyone has each other’s backs and are there for each other. All the coolest people play tennis!”

Go Girls Tennis, and congratulations on your wonderful season!