Sonic Origins

With the recent release and extreme popularity of the new Sonic the Hedgehog movie and the instant success of the first one, it should come as no surprise that Sega would want to release new Sonic games or re-release old ones.

Sonic Origins is Sega’s project to re-release 4 of the classic Sonic games (1, 2, 3 and CD). It will have many modes (anniversary mode, classic mode, boss rush, story mode, mission mode). It will also have a museum and an online leaderboard.

Classic mode is the original games as they were initially released, with limited lives, game-overs, the works. On the other hand, Anniversary mode has boosted graphics with updated starting and ending animations and removes limited lives so you can play without having to worry about a “game over” or “continue?” screens. Spending coins can also retry special stages.

All images and characters shown belong to Sega

Story mode runs you through the games in chronological order and doesn’t have many new features other than new animated opening and ending cutscenes. Mirror mode is unlockable after playing through a level in any of the other modes and will flip the level from left to right, allowing you to play through it in reverse. The new boss rush mode allows players to run through just the boss battles in sequential order to earn coins.

Coins in this new Sonic game can be used to replay special missions and unlock special content in the museum. The museum is a menu that allows you to access and view collectibles found in-game, such as music, artwork, etc.
All images and characters shown belong to Sega

Sonic Origins is available for pre-order right now for all platforms except Nintendo from the Sonic Origins website that comes with a free DLC giving extra bonuses to use in-game. The game will be released on June 23rd. This early summer release date has fans very excited to play through these remastered classics.