Top Ranked Volleyball Tournament


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Mia Lee hits the huge milestone of 1000 kills in her high school career. Almost no athlete can get to this.

Mountain View high school has recently hosted a statewide 5A/6A girls volleyball tournament. 16 of the top teams in the state played in the three day tournament. Mountain View came into the tournament looking strong as the one of the top ranked in the state. However there was also a lot of hard competition including last year state champions Bountiful. They beat Mountain View in the finals and would probably be Mountain View’s hardest competitors.

Mia Lee is one of Mountain View’s best players and has been playing varsity since she was a freshman. We asked her how the team felt going into the tournament and she said this, “Going into the tournament as a team we felt very prepared. After our tournament in Vegas we were ready to go up against the top ranked teams in our area as well. During the last couple weeks we cleaned up a few things that we had previously struggled with and felt confident in our abilities. We knew that the schedule we were playing would be challenging but we were ready and excited for it!”

Mia not only was a big help for the team, but she also hit a huge milestone that almost no players get in their high school career. In the game against Crimson Cliffs, she hit her 1000th kill. Kill is a volleyball term for a point from a spike. Mia has hit 1000 kills and will hit more as she finishes the season.

The Bruins ended up claiming the tournament title with victories against five of Utah’s top teams including Utah’s top 4 teams and Idaho’s top ranked team. This was a huge victory for the bruins as they beat Bountiful and feel good about the upcoming state championship. Some of the girls are in their senior year and have been playing since they were a freshman. They hope to finish out their last season with a big victory.